Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Emerge in action!

One of our Emerge artists- Alberto Roblest- filmed a short movie on the Art Walk experience using his cellphone to send to his mother and sister so they could get a taste of it. His friend
Audioconfigurado supplied the soundtrack.

If you make a short movie about Art Walk, feel free to share it with us! Maybe we'll post yours too!

Friday, April 18, 2008



The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, in cooperation with the Washington Convention Center, have commissioned twelve local artists to participate in the third thought provoking, large-scale outdoor exhibition. Each of these diverse artworks is linked by a common theme – Emerge. The theme for the first exhibition was entitled Metamorphosis and the theme for the second exhibition was entitled Drift. The Art Walk exhibition will display artworks by artists of different disciplines until new construction at this site begins.


Tony Brunswick
digital photograph
I chose my piece "Beginnings" because I felt it reflected a sense of hope and excitement that I find in the word "Emerge." One might not guess that eventually the hot orange glass in my image would eventually become a beautiful green vase, but it is does. It's just not quite green or vase-like yet. It had to go through the fire and through the forming first. There is a certain amount of faith in the process of emerging, of becoming, that I find inspiring (if not a little terrifying at times). It's believing in something not yet entirely visible. And the "believing in" quality, I think, is the very thing that determines the extent to which something, or someone, emerges. The glassblower could have stopped here, at this orange and hot point in the process, but she didn't. And to her own surprise, an amazing green vase emerged.


Thomas Bucci
digital drawing
The 4-panel image is 4 variations on the theme of opposing forces and how the emerge in the formation of societies and cultural values. The individual titles are: Haves and Have Nots, A Smoking Controversy, Detente and One for All and All for One.


Michael Crossett
photography and digital collage
Even as an adult, I love to watch the draggers as they emerge on the horizon and make their way into Provincetown harbor.


Michele de la Menardiere
screen printing and digital media

Nascent Flight -- created using screen-printing and digital media -- is a musing on the opening of human spirit to universal consciousness. The birds symbolize merging into a larger reality while the Indian symbols refer to Gayatri, the goddess of awakening. The piece is a deep exploration and meditation on the sublime.


Kristen L. Hayes
oil and pastel collage on paper

The work speaks to gentrification, particularly that of Washington, D.C., and how some of us have decided to resist. But resistance does not mean that one must be still and stagnant. You are continually moving towards mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth-with such a courageous decision.


Kate Kaman & Joel Erland
digital file

Awed by the scale of the DC Artwalk 2008 project, Kate Kaman & Joel Erland decided to experiment. Somewhat of a departure from their previous work, EMERGE is reflection on some of their favorite virtues in contemporary culture: self-awareness, innocent irreverence, and mirth. The viewer intuitively sees the groundhog and his insect friends as protagonists - not mere animals. The message is post-ironic: I emerge, therefore I exist. The artists asked themselves, “Is it wise to make an artwork that deals with emergence and existence? And if so, what if that artwork made you smile?”


Alberto Roblest
digital image

The Outer of the Inner is a reflection on the diversity, multiculturalism, and many languages of Washington, DC. And how, despite our apparent differences, the DNA of each man and woman intimately connects us with each other and our ancestors reaching all the way back to the beginning.

El Afuera del Adentro, es una reflexión en torno a la diversidad racial, el multiculturalismo y la polisemia de una ciudad como DC. Esto es, que a pesar de las diferencias aparentes, detrás de cada hombre y de cada mujer, estamos todos en una intima conexión que nos une unos a otros con el principio.


Kyungmi Shin
photo and painting collage

In Many Waters, I combined photographic and graphic and painterly elements to express movements in nature and culture. The juxtaposition of photographic and man-made elements allude to the relationship between culture and nature as well as the growth and changes that occur in both as time passes.

from the series, MY GEOMETRY

Bo Simeon
digital file

H. Hastings once said, “Piet Mondrian’s geometric forms and Jackson Pollack’s random patterns both capture important parts of nature. Can an appropriate geometry combine the complexity of Pollack’s patterns with the simplicity of Mondrian’s descriptions?” I believe that my work is a clear answer to the question above. It provides a bridge between the excessive geometric order of Euclid and the chaos of intuitive gesture.


Ira Tattelman & Thomas Drymon
digital photo composition

The Memory of Tomorrow is a photo composition that explores the relationship between the body, light, time and space while suggesting some the feelings and emotions that emerge before, during and after a wedding.


Ben Volta
with Grover Washington Jr. Middle School
of the Philadelphia School District
digital print

Our collaborative artwork contains drawing fragments from the family heritage of all the participants. These drawing fragments overlap and intertwine to create unexpected relationships with unanticipated meanings. The art draws viewers into the connections that we have made from within our group’s diverse cultural background. Our hope is that through our art we might kindle the same kind of creative connections on a social level, contrary to forces that might separate us in an increasingly diverse society.

Anita Walsh
rubber, birch, brass on plywood

My work celebrates simple rituals that we do every day: scrubbing the floor, noticing a rubber band snap, buying potatoes. An inner dialogue begins between our voices of utility and possibility. In a single moment, ordinary objects become tools for self-reflection and mindfulness. Visitors to my work witness the natural cycle of evolution while participating in redefining the meaning of an object in a moment of time.